Traditionelle Naturheilverfahren & moderne Technik für die Gesundheit & Leistungsfähigkeit Ihres Pferdes


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Natural medicine methods and modern technology for the health of your horse

Natural Foal Care
Special health program for foals

Medical Infrared Imaging (Thermography) is a versatile diagnostic procedure without impairment by transport, disturbing cables, sedation, or narcosis. The scans are done at your location. Any sources of inflammation or injuries can be detected and treated much earlier than with previous methods. Possible areas of application:
• Health check within the ranges bones, joints, chords, muscles, skin, nerves, hooves, and teeth
• Localization of inflammations, metabolic deficits or neurological illnesses
• Controlling of disease processes to specifying the regeneration time
• Optimization of the training programs with detecting injuries 2 weeks before they become clinically apparent
• Pre-purchase imaging
• Checking the perfect saddle fit

Low level laser therapy
Low level laser therapy (LLLT) is part of the complimentary therapy methods and can stimulate defective biological processes. The blood circulation of the treated tissue will be stimulated and the toxins will be removed faster. Laser therapy strengthens the energy balance of the cells and rebuilds them. Possible areas of application:
• Orthopaedics – acute and chronic lameness
• Healing of wounds
• Infectious local inflammations
• Internal diseases e.g. COPD
• Neurology

Far Infrared Therapy
Far Infrared Therapy relieving pain and muscle cramps, improving muscle tone and strength, reducing swelling, revitalizing & regenerating for cellular healing. Possible areas of application:
• sub-acute and chronic inflammations
• trauma
• scar adhesions
• nerve pain

Herbal Medicine
Phytotherapy is very good for the prevention and healing in natural way. Their effect is based on the contained active substances. Herbal medicine has different forms: fresh herbs or as ethereal oil, excerpt, powder, tinctures, tea. You can use welfare plants also as mash, cream, ointment etc.

Homoeopathy is a safe, powerful and effective therapy. Homoeopathic remedies have proved effective in a variety of conditions, and chronic disease. Their influence is upon the imbalance that gives rise to physical symptoms, rather than directly upon the symptoms themselves.

Equine Massage
Massage has two major therapeutic effects: Replacing the compression and relaxation normally achieved by muscle activity. The message aids the venous flow.

Jack Meagher Method Sportsmassage for Horses
Stress points are tiny micro tears in the fibers that make up a muscle. Stress points feel hard and rigid in the muscle. The result of the therapy is a re-establishment of the mobility.